2/2 Solenoid Valve สำหรับงาน Process Automation
ฺBrand : Norgren & Buschjost
Made In : Germany

New IMI Buschjost and Norgren universal valve for industrial and railway applications

High-quality diaphragm valves of the 82530 series - Now available in the normally open version!

with the addition of the 82530 series, IMI Precision Engineering is launching a new IMI Buschjost and Norgren valve
with the normally open (NO) switching function. Originally developed for use in railway applications,
the new 2/2-way diaphragm valve is used, for example,
for tank drainage in water systems. Thanks to its vibration resistance, it is possible to mount it close to the engine,
directly on the chassis, without mechanical damage or malfunctions.

In addition, the new valve in NO is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications
- numerous tests and inspections bear witness to its quality.

Advantages of the new IMI Buschjost and Norgren valves

- Universal valve: Suitable for both railway and industrial applications
- Compact and robust design
- Solenoid with integrated core tube
- Valve operates without differential pressure
- For nutral gaseous and liquid fluids
- Reduces pressure spikes
- Long service life
- Safe and reliable in operation
- Complies with DIN EN 12266-1 (Industrial valves -  Testing of metallic valves -
Part 1 : Pressure tests, test procedures and acceptance criteria - Mandatory requirements)
- Railway model up to 8 bar, Industrial model up to 10 bar
- Installation close to engine is possible thanks to high vibration resistance