Bernoulli’s Principle

Bernoulli Principle

Bernoulli’s Principle

  • Pneumatic operation with integrated vacuum generation
  • Compressed air escapes through holes in the suction cup and is greatly accelerated when doing so
  • Due to the increase in speed, the static pressure falls and a vacuum is produced (A) (“Bernoulli Equation”)
  • The accelerated air escapes to the side (B); an “air cushion” is produced between the floating suction pad and workpiece
  • Leakage is compensated for through a high flow rate, which means that even porous workpieces can be handled and separated
  • The Bernoulli effect ensures that the workpieces are handled with minimal contact
  • Floating suction cups function according to Bernoulli’s principle



  • Low-contact, gentle handling of thin and sensitive workpieces thanks to the Bernoulli effect
  • Safe separation of thin and porous workpieces

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