B-TAC Industrial Automation (B-TAC IA) had started our business in 1982 as Training center for Automation system. Later, we became distributor for machine parts of well known brand factories in overseas. Till present, we are also one of the leading Solution Provider in Thailand.


B-TAC IA is the center for Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Valve, Vacuum and after sales service provider as one stop service with excellency at reasonable price.


Servicing our customers by professional engineering team with high experience, assisting customers in increasing manufacturing and reduce maintenance cost with high responsibility and sincerity.

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1. Automotive & Auto Parts
2. Electronic, Solar & Battery
3. Electric Appliance
4. Tire
5. Food
6. Beverage
7. Pulp & Paper
8. Cement & Construction materials
9. Sugar
10. Glass
11. Steel & Stainless
12. Plastic
13. Packaging
14. Oil, Gas & Petrochemical
15. Robotics
16. System Integrators
17. Machine Makers
18. Tooling Makers

1. Improvement in machine part and automation system in order to assist customers in reducing manufacturing cost.
2. Selling of machine parts with after sales service.

> High Process safety • Small and lightweight components
> High efficiency • Maximum availabillity
> High stability and force acceptance • No breakdowns
> High lifetime • Low scrap
> Fast response characteristics • Minimum level of maintenance
> High repeat accuracy
> Cost reduction of process