What is Pneumatics?

Pneumatics is how air pressure powers and moves something. Essentially, pneumatics puts compressed air to practical use by moving applications like the tools and machinery used in the engineering, manufacturing and construction industries.

Also known as…

Using energy made from the controlled release of compressed air and turning it into movement.

How does pneumatics work?

Pneumatics is a simple and reliable way to make things move, just by using clean, dry air. Pneumatic systems use this compressed air to create mechanical motion and power applications to ‘do work’ in factory automation systems. Pneumatics are seen in a range of other applications too, from fairground rides and trucks, medical applications and food preparation through to air tools and blow moulding.

Pneumatics makes use of an air compressor to reduce the volume of the air in order to increase its pressure. This then moves through a filter into pneumatic tubing, where it’s controlled by valves before reaching an actuator which does the work at the end of the process.  That could be a cylinder, or a device that performs a function, for example, lifting, moving or gripping.

Credits : https://www.norgren.com/en/support/blog/what-is-pneumatics