Vacuum Blowers

Vacuum Blowers The blades (A) transport, accelerate and compress the air on the momentum principle. The air is dragged by the blades in this case. A vacuum is created...

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Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps Vacuum pumps include an eccentrically mounted impeller with lamellas (A) which are pressed against the walls of the housing by centrifugal force and thus provide a seal....

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The Coanda principle

The Coanda Principle Operating principle Pneumatic operation with integrated vacuum generation With the Coanda principle, compressed air is guided through an annular gap which accelerates it The increase in...

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Bernoulli principle

Bernoulli’s Principle

Bernoulli’s Principle Bernoulli’s Principle Pneumatic operation with integrated vacuum generation Compressed air escapes through holes in the suction cup and is greatly accelerated when doing so Due to the...

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Venturi principle

Venturi principle Operating principle Pneumatic vacuum generators function based on the Venturi principle Compressed air is introduced into the ejector (A) Due to the reduced cross-section of the motive...

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Basic Vacuum

Definition of Vacuum

Definition of Vacuum Vacuum is the term for air pressures which lie below normal atmospheric pressure. The ambient pressure is 1.013 mbar at sea level and decreases with elevation....

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